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Starting on Friday at 1pm (sharp!) with a welcome keynote by Freeman Hrabowski, the meeting will feature two scientific keynotes and 29 talks in addition to two poster sessions. You can download the abstract book here and a posters at a glance list with presenter instructions here. The program, schedule, and location (see the meeting map) of all the events for the two-day meeting is detailed below.

Friday, May 19th
UC Ballroom lounge
Welcome Keynote, Freeman Hrabowski (UMBC)
UC Ballroom
Introductory remarks from MA-SDB organizers
UC Ballroom
Session 1: All Brain and Brawn
UC Ballroom
Chair: Maraki Negesse*
1. Jessica Neville* (Dwyer lab, U Virginia): p53 deletion rescues brain size in a novel model of microcephaly
2. Lisa Taneyhill (U Maryland): Cadherin-6B proteolytic fragments promote cranial neural crest cell EMT and delamination
3. Bradley Davidson (Swarthmore): Mitotic coordination of membrane trafficking in Ciona intestinalis heart development
4. Katharine Goodwin* (Nelson lab, Princeton): Smooth muscle differentiation shapes domain branches in the developing mouse lung
5. Matthew Anderson (Lewandoski lab, NIH/NCI): FGF-Notch Interactions in Somite and Vertebral Formation
UC Ballroom lounge and
UC 310
Session 2: Developing the Next Generation
UC Ballroom
Chair: Afsoon Saadin*
6. Michael Summers (UMBC): The IMSD Meyerhoff Graduate Fellows Program: Developing Inclusive Excellence in Doctoral STEM Training
7. Dara Ruiz-Whalen (O’Reilly research group, Fox Chase): Immersion Science Program: Inclusion of High School Students in Novel Laboratory Research
8. Valerie Olmo (George Mason U): The “mixed-bag”- a yearlong approach for undergraduate research
9. Steven Farber (Carnegie Institution): Project BioEYES: K-12 Student-driven science using a live developing zebrafish
UC Ballroom lounge and
UC 310
Keynote, Nipam Patel (Berkeley)
ITE 104
Introduction: M. Bhattacharya*
Evolution and Development: Insights from Emerging Model Systems
UC Ballroom
Session 3: At the Very Beginning
ITE 104
Chair: Margarita Correa*
10. Eyleen O’Rourke (U Virginia): The microbiota, and not its host, defines the capacity of a toxic compound to impair development and reproduction in C. elegans
11. Tiffaney Tran** (Matunis lab, JHMI): Regulation of hub cell quiescence in the Drosophila testis stem cell niche
12. Ruby Boateng* (Allen lab, Howard U): Novel functions for the RNA-binding protein ETR-1 in Caenorhabditis elegans reproduction and engulfment of germline apoptotic cell corpses
13. Raghav Goyal* (Van Doren lab, Johns Hopkins U): Understanding the cis- and trans-regulation of Sex lethal in the Drosophila melanogaster germline
14. Eric Lee (O’Reilly lab, Fox Chase): Stem cell communication regulated by hedgehog signaling in Drosophila
Posters odd
UC 310 and UC 312
Saturday, May 20th
Light breakfast
UC Ballroom
Session 4: Building Parts
ITE 104
Chair: Jose Ortega*
15. Kimberly Gallagher (U Penn): Symplastic signals regulate cellular patterning and cell fate decisions in the root meristem of Arabidopsis thaliana
16. Naden Krogan (American U): The Auxin Response Factor MONOPTEROS Controls Meristem Function and Organogenesis through Direct Regulation of PIN Genes
17. Tapan Shah* (Rogers lab, Rutgers U): Characterization of New Bone Morphogenetic Protein (Bmp)-2 Regulatory Alleles
18. Anna Trofka (Mackem lab, NIH/NCI): 5’Hoxd genes and Gli3 control dominance of primary limb axis polarity
19. Mark Reibeiz (U Pittsburgh): Changes in a Hox gene and its downstream network drive microevolutionary changes in phenotype
UC Ballroom
Session 5: From Here to There
ITE 104
Chair: Ikenna Okafor*
20. Stanislav Shvartsman (Princeton U): Collective growth in a small cell network
21. Jesus Torrez-Vazquez (NYU): Sculpture lessons: How the zebrafish forms its vessels
22. Daniel Grimes (Burdine lab, Princeton U): Microscopic fluid flows in development and disease: cilia, polarity, and scoliosis
23. Neil Neumann* (Ewald lab, JHMI): Coordination of receptor tyrosine kinase signaling and interfacial tension dynamics drive radial intercalation and tube elongation
24. Michelle Starz-Gaiano (UMBC): As the cells turn: emergent behaviors in collective cell migration through complex tissues
UC Ballroom
Posters even
UC 310 and UC 312
Keynote, Guo-Li Ming
ITE 104
Introduction: Jong Park*
Modeling human brain development and developmental diseases using hiPSCs
Session 6: Brainstorming
ITE 104
Chair: Sharlene Brown*
25. Ann Sutherland (U Virginia): Distinct roles for Vangl proteins in regulating neural convergent extension
26. Kaela Singleton* (Silva-Casey lab, Georgetown U): Pairing Your Sox: Cross Species Function of Sox11 in Neural Development
27. Sudip Paudel* (Saha lab, William and Mary): Role of calcium during early neural development
28. Hannah Edelman* (Parsons lab, JHMI): Serotonergic Signaling to the Pancreas Affects beta Cell Proliferation
29. Marina Venero Galanternik (Weinstein lab, NIH/NICHD): A Novel Perivascular Cell Population in the Zebrafish Brain
Awards and Closing Remarks
ITE 104

Poster Presentations

There will be two poster sessions, one on each day. Session assignments (even or odd poster number) can be found in the posters at a glance list, which includes all instructions for presenters.